Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: The Post Text spells out what’s shown in the loop by naming different styles and occasions these are suitable for. Then it presents the offer, which is valid for 1 day only. 

Visual: This isn’t a video ad. It’s actually a loop of the same model wearing variations of the same sweatshirt in terms of both color and style. The simplicity of the video is offset by the fast-paced changing colors, which grab the eye. 

Headline: The Headline repeats the 1-day-only offer. 

Description: The Description is a bit bland. It’s a direct FOMO (fear of missing out) callout. (Not very appealing in its current form.) 

Notes: Two things I would’ve done different immediately:

  1. I would’ve included a line break in the Post Text between the product benefits and the 1-day offer. 
  2. I would’ve included at least one or two emojis to make the ad copy stand out a bit more, especially because it’s running offers. If I could edit video quickly, I might’ve also included the offer in the video and considered testing this ad on other platforms as well.

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