Date: Oct/15/19

Post Text: I have a confession to make. I clicked through and gave Wilco my email because I was curious. So in a way, I guess he got me. Even though, after watching his video, I know for certain I will never buy from him, and even feel a bit of disdain toward him because I feel like I’ve been tricked.

Obviously, correct targeting is essential. And obviously, it’s challenging selling a dog toy to someone who doesn’t own a dog. (Not impossible though.) 

He opens with a personal story. And how he made soooo much more money once he fixed 3 targeting “mistakes”. Then he says there’s a roughly 6-minute video when you click the link, where he explains what those mistakes are. The video is, in fact, roughly 20 minutes long, and is a waste of time. 

He’s not going to share the 3 secrets with you he claims “99% of Facebook advertisers make”. (This claim is nonsense.)

He also says on the lead capture page that he tossed out everything the “gurus” had been telling him, and that thinking outside the box yielded the best results for him. (Again, nonsense. Either he was listening to the wrong people, or he’s taking great liberty with the facts.)

He does reiterate his issues before telling you the solution: Buy his tool. Now he has my email, and he’s trying to sell me a tool when I was interested in the targeting content. What an absolute tool. He may not be a fraud, but I do feel like I’ve been cheated, and I haven’t even given the man a cent.

Visual: The Visual is actually why I chose to swipe this ad. The GIF caught my attention, and I thought it was super clever for a non-ecomm product. It’s simple, lined with emojis at the bottom, and loud. It even has a loud explosion sound playing on loop. Awesome.

Headline: “Interest targeting fixed…” doesn’t do anything for me. It doesn’t make me want to click through any more than I did before. A better Headline might have been, “Are you making these targeting mistakes?” Then have the Description add, “Stop burning your ad spend” or something like that.

Description: I don’t like the toilet metaphor. The thought of money being flushed down the toilet isn’t as cool as the image of money being burned, but hey, that’s just me. Also might have been good to use that as part of the Visual in the GIF. (Maybe a toilet emoji? Does one exist? lol)

Notes: Oh, and by the way, he’s lying when he says he doesn’t know how long he’ll keep the video available at no cost. It’s a sales video, where he’s pitching his tool, so obviously it will remain free. (Why would you pay him to see his ad and waste 20 minutes of your time while he sells you his tool, and you learn nothing, when he promised free and valuable content?)

Shame too, because I know he’s legit and well-respected in his circles. This attempt, however, is misguided. 

Link to ad here

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