Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: If you’ve heard of either ax throwing or goat yoga, the second sentence of the Post Text might induce enough curiosity in you for you to want to click through and read the article. Hell, even if you haven’t heard of these, the opening here is curious enough to make you want to read it, even if you’ve got zero intention of actually participating in these activities, let alone taking a trip down to Nashville. 

Visual: The image is a bit too busy for my taste, but the fact that it’s an actual shop or some sort of venue makes me curious to want to look at it. What draws my eye especially here is the giant deer on the right-hand side of the image. The photographer knew how to capture the angle and balance out the space. 

Headline: The Headline presents a list. People looooove lists. So if you were already interested in Nashville (for some odd reason!) before you saw the ad, then this is perfect. Ax throwing? They’ve got this in Bangkok too, and I’m dying to try it. Goat yoga? Curious. And Nashville’s taking it next level? Fine. Let’s take a look at this list. (And if you’re from Nashville or know someone from there, there’s a good chance you might share it.)

Description: That’s a pretty solid opening, especially if you still think ax throwing is out of the ordinary. And this single sentence does provide some context for the ax throwing. (You can enjoy a craft beer while you’re giving the old ax a swing.) 

Notes: This is a solid example of consistency throughout the ad creative. The copy in the headline and the post text, as well as the description that expands upon the headline and post text combined with the weird image, all manage to stay on point. Excellent.

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