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Date: Oct/8/19

Post Text: The formula here is: Question + PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution). This looks like the work of a copywriter. It poses the question by directly asking the target if they’ve ever experienced any of these problems. Then it lists the common problems (all of which I’m familiar with).

I don’t know if Tailored Athlete’s the solution though. Here the copywriter could’ve framed the solution better, and maybe explained why Tailored Athlete is the solution.

And if I have to watch the video to find out, I probably won’t, because the video isn’t very engaging.

Visual: The video is 25 seconds long. It’s slow-going. The thumbnail isn’t particularly interesting. It’s actually in slow motion. The transitions are messy, but they’re probably the only thing that’s grabbing attention, other than the lines that flow through the areas in certain parts of the video. 

Headline: I’m not a fan of capitalizing every single word. A Headline should read naturally. Capitalizing forces the reader to pause at every word. I also would’ve included a period after “Fit”, where I want the pause, as well as after “Guaranteed”, to make it sound like it’s guaranteed, end of story.

Description: Shirt & Trousers for 20% off + free shipping? Why? I get the free shipping angle, but why 20% off? And for how long? Is this a permanent discount? Or valid only for new customers? What are the conditions? 

Since there are none that are apparent, this risks devaluing the brand as a discount brand. Set clear conditions around your discounts, especially if you’re targeting cold audiences (people who have never encountered the brand before). 

Notes: At my former agency, our Facebook rep stressed that we shouldn’t create videos longer than 15 seconds, because people don’t tend to watch them. This one is 25 seconds long, and it’s also in slow motion. I haven’t seen the data, but I bet my bottom dollar I could have a shorter video produced that would convert much better. 

Link to full ad here:

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