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A Good Company

Post Text: Decent Post Text. I love the climate messaging. Then it introduces a list. The tree one is pretty impressive, although I don’t know how

Smarter Nutrition

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a controversial + novel statement. It’s very straightforward and direct, with no fluffing about. I like it.

Wilco de Kreij

Post Text: I have a confession to make. I clicked through and gave Wilco my email because I was curious. So in a way, I

Tailored Athlete

Post Text: The formula here is: Question + PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution). This looks like the work of a copywriter. It poses the question by directly asking

The Tennessean (Newspaper)

Post Text: If you’ve heard of either ax throwing or goat yoga, the second sentence of the Post Text might induce enough curiosity in you