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Hey Silky Skin

Post Text: Finally! An ad worth swiping. I love this ad.  Look at that Post Text. It kicks off with a $75 discount for a very

Increase Academy

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a thumbs-up emoji, which isn’t as good as other “Thank you” emojis. It does thank you for

Tailored Athlete

Post Text: The formula here is: Question + PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution). This looks like the work of a copywriter. It poses the question by directly asking


Post Text: This is a Carousel ad. I like the first line of the Post Text. The Snowstorm Sale indicates a seasonal sale. “Final Restock”

The Beard Struggle

Post Text: This is a pretty good ad. However, the Post Text keeps harping on about deserving the best this February. Don’t I always deserve

Jackie Jean Photography

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off immediately with the offer: Learn Photoshop, but the second part, with the discount offer, is a bit perplexing.

The Bralette Co.

Post Text: This ad is a good example showcasing that not all testimonials are created equal. (It’s likely a MOFU ad.) The reviews are meant

Smart Fun Gifts

Post Text: The Post Text just states what the product is, which is straightforward, but it’s not winning any points on the copywriting front. It