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Wilco de Kreij

Post Text: I have a confession to make. I clicked through and gave Wilco my email because I was curious. So in a way, I

Bali Body

Post Text: I love the first line. It also addresses a major issue tanning brands face: Seasonality. People don’t buy tanning products when it’s not

Wicked Marketing

Post Text: The Post Text opens with a question. It’s vague. Then he breaks it down into a list. Still vague. “Most people assume it’s

Nuud Care

Post Text: I was not aware of any deodorant revolution that’s going on right now. This is a bit presumptuous.  I would’ve started the copy with

Crown & Paw

Post Text: The Post Text formula here is, Benefit + How to + CTA (call-to-action). I love the relevant emojis. The first sentence not only


Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with the product name. (Stupid, stupid name. Any acronym that isn’t widely known is going to have a

Peng Joon

Post Text:┬áThe Post Text is the best part of the ad. It’s funny, relatable, there’s tons of emotional pulls in here, and… it’s a list.

Tailored Athlete

Post Text: The formula here is: Question + PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution). This looks like the work of a copywriter. It poses the question by directly asking

Burger King

Post Text: The Post Text doesn’t waste any time; it gets straight to the point. It first states what the product is, then introduces a

Lenovo ThinkPad

Post Text: This is a great ad. The Post Text immediately informs you where Thinkpads have been, and how they’ve been used. (Outer space and