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Hey Silky Skin

Post Text: Finally! An ad worth swiping. I love this ad.  Look at that Post Text. It kicks off with a $75 discount for a very

PMD Beauty

Post Text: I wanted to do a positive ad today, but I couldn’t help myself after seeing this. The Post Text doesn’t do anything for

Niche Scraper

Post Text: I dislike the first line. It’s cringeworthy. It’s also extremely disingenuous. What does this guy think, that people go into the dropshipping business NOT

Sock Fancy

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a CTA (call-to-action), telling the target to give the ultimate gift. But instead of saying “gift”, the

Increase Academy

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a thumbs-up emoji, which isn’t as good as other “Thank you” emojis. It does thank you for

Live Sore

Post Text: “Best” copy is lazy copy. It also implies there are others. I didn’t know there are other shirt clubs until I read this first


Post Text: The Post Text is a bit weird. Why is the “heater” collection out in the Fall? It ain’t even that cold yet. Someone

Google Algo Cracked!

Post Text: This ad is a good example of how to waste ad spend. The Post Text kicks off with a variation of, “Did you


Post Text: Not gonna lie. I love Mattel’s advertising. These folks are geniuses when it comes to marketing and posting viral-potential content. Just take a look

Smarter Nutrition

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a controversial + novel statement. It’s very straightforward and direct, with no fluffing about. I like it.