Date: Oct/22/19

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a CTA (call-to-action), telling the target to give the ultimate gift. But instead of saying “gift”, the copy uses an emoji. It also capitalizes every word. (No good!)

What would’ve worked better is, “Give the ultimate gift”, and then introduced the emoji. Clear and immediately understandable.

Visual: As with all newsfeed-type ads, the Visual is what caught my eye. This image is split into 4 upper quadrants to showcase the product range with colorful and playful samples. 

At the very bottom sits a brown leather bag with tons of socks popping out, and an image CTA that offers a separate option: a FREE pair with NEW monthly subscription plans. Amazing.

What I love about this is that the bag is made to look 3D, with the bag brought forth while all the other image elements lay flat in the back. My designer thinks the image overall is way too colorful and busy, but I think that would appeal to the target audience they’re going for. People who pay this much attention to how colorful and fun their socks are will love this crazy-busy color. (I know because I love colorful, fun, and patterned socks!) 

Headline: The Headline is pretty solid. It’s a shame they didn’t use one of the cutest, most relevant emojis though: Socks! 🧦 I also would’ve highlighted the “free” somehow, even just real subtle with the use of a comma to break it up a bit. 

Description: “Free Shipping Worldwide” is something you should strive to offer as a business owner. And if you’re a copywriter, media buyer, or business strategist, you owe it to your client to persuade them to get this done.

Absorb it into the cost of goods if you have to, but offering it will definitely lower the mental barrier to purchase. Your objective is to always think of ways to boost conversions, and if you can crack this one, this could lead to a significant boost in purchases. 

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