Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: The Post Text just states what the product is, which is straightforward, but it’s not winning any points on the copywriting front. It can be considered poor use of prime real estate, especially because it might be the first thing that catches the target’s eyes while scrolling.

Visual: The video itself is interesting. At 41 seconds long, it’s quite a lengthy video. There’s some 70’s-type softcore porn music that’s obviously homemade. (A customer testimonial as a voiceover would’ve been more effective, I reckon.) What is awesome though is the exaggerated reaction from one user, and this is actually where I would’ve started the video. There’s a lot of unnecessary bits, and the pace can be picked up considerably. 

Headline: Look at that Headline: “PERFECT GIFT FOR HER”. It includes a relevant emoji (gift). I’m not a fan of the all-caps. If it was just GIFT, I would’ve let it go, but everything makes it appear blocky and easier to gloss over. 

Description: Why 54% off? Why such a specific discount offer that appears well-thought-out based on some logical sense? This makes no sense, especially for such a simple purchase. “Doing your X got a lot easier!” How? “Perfect for all makeup & selfie needs!” HOW? “Check it out” + link appears twice.  

Notes: /

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