Date: Oct/10/19

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with the product name. (Stupid, stupid name. Any acronym that isn’t widely known is going to have a hard time catching on. We know what FBI stands for. RS-X? Not so much.) 

I like the question. What I don’t like is the “ya”. Sure, you can argue that it’s the brand language, but does the target audience speak this way? Have you ever referred to anyone as “ya” instead of “you”? If yes, did you feel stupid about it afterward and tell yourself you’d never do it again because it made your soul cringe? 

I guess the candy emoji works. I would’ve preferred a little meat emoji though. Yes, candy is sweet, but meat is full of flavor. 

Visual: I love the visual. It’s attention grabbing AF. It’s also on-brand. That street vibe that the Post Text was gunning for with the “ya”? It works here in the GIF. The GIF is super simple; just a zoom in and zoom out, with rapidly sliding shots of the various styles of the same model. All this movement and colors. Awesome.

Headline: / 


Notes: For more on the use of acronyms in marketing, Jack Trout & Al Ries’ classic text “Positioning” offers some wonderful insights. 

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