The training package for serious copywriters wanting to specialize in social media ads. Showcase amazing value to clients consistently! Are you ready to break into the lucrative niche of FB copywriting?



Your privacy matters. By purchasing my social media copywriter training package, you understand that no refunds are offered. If you’re ready to invest in your training, please proceed. Direct any questions to Thank you!

Ready to break into the lucrative niche of social media copywriting?

Land high-paying clients by showing better results faster through paid advertising

After 14 long and arduous months of putting this package together, my team and I believe we have a strong training package for copywriters wanting to break into social media advertising.

And it’s unlike any other copywriter training you’ve undergone. The resources here will teach you to think critically. It will take hard work. I’m not selling an easy way or a get-rich-quick scheme. This is the real deal. You want real agency training from a proven Creative Director who built a Creative Team from scratch to 14 strong, with a Facebook agency partner, this is it. Put the work in. No one will do it for you. But you do that, and I guarantee you’ll be a whole cut above the rest of the so-called “competition”. The way I see it, if you’re not an analytical thinker, you’ve got no place writing ads.

This package will help you accomplish just that. So you can score better clients who respect your authority because you know what you’re talking about. So you can score higher-paying clients who are already running paid ads, and they just need someone who can improve what’s already working. So you can transition to writing copy for paid ads, where you can see your results, showcase proven results (should clients be pleased enough to let you share your work and their results).

Advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms is a different ballgame from your sales letters and emails. I’m not saying they’re not lucrative; they are. But paid advertising on these platforms is as well, with tens of millions of dollars being pumped through Facebook on a daily basis.

I was paid a 6-figure salary to come up with this training. I was told I could turn it into a Mastermind and charge $2000 per event. I was also told I could’ve turned it into a course and sold it for $400 or more. But I turned it into a training package of 3 books, currently available for only…




The FB Ads Primer​


55 Never-before-seen Ad Swipes & Analyses​


12 Classic Swipes to draw inspiration from​

Valerio Puggioni

is Chief Analyst of FB Swipes as well as Chairman of the Board of Ads Fellas, a Facebook creative agency. Previously, he was Creative Director at Right Hook Digital, where he oversaw the growth and creative direction of 50+ ecomm brands. He is also the author of Oberlo’s popular book, “Monetize! How to turn your followers, likes, and views into cash”.


This training package is the culmination of 14 months of trial, testing, and development by the Creative Team at Right Hook Digital agency, a Facebook advertising partner. It was produced with valuable input and feedback from senior media buyers and digital strategists, as well as direct response copywriters who wanted to test it out and determine the viability of the training package.

Due to the nature of the training package as a unique knowledge base established via training, refunds cannot be given. (Knowledge cannot be returned.)

Moreover, because this is a training package, you have to be willing to put in the work.

This is NOT a shortcut.

If you agree with this, I strongly urge you to grab the training package. At any point if you feel stuck, please feel free to direct your questions my way, at
Jaynell McEntee, Email Copywriter
Raymond Johnston, Head of Strategy @ RHD
Jimmy Cooper, Social Media Copywriter
"The real deal. When it comes to social media copywriting, there is no one else. Just a word of warning: This is NOT for beginners. Valerio comes at you with some valuable insights, but you need to know what you're getting into. If you consider yourself an intermediate, this will help you grow. This guy really knows his sh*t."
"Now I know why they call him the Chief Analyst of Facebook ads. Yes, you have to put the work in with this package. It's not a done-for-you type deal. It's very hands-on and DIY, but the $80 1:1 training session really helped me wrap my head around everything super fast!"
Direct Response CopyRocker
"Not just for copywriters. This was a great resource for us media buyers at the agency when we were put in charge of coming up with creatives. Creatives are the lever of Facebook advertising, and this helped us get on the right track. So much time saved, so much value. Thanks Valerio!"
Senior Media Buyer & Facebook Marketer
"I started off as an SEO copywriter, but was more of a content writer. I have plenty of article samples, but I wanted to break into paid advertising. All the courses were in the 4-figures, and way above anything I could afford at the time. Valerio's training package is a lifesaver. But this isn't for beginners. If you know the basics and want to break into Facebook advertising, then this is a fine addition to your training collection. I'll refer to it over and over again. Cheers for the reference, buddy."
SEO Copywriter

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