Date: Oct/9/19

Post Text: The Post Text is the best part of the ad. It’s funny, relatable, there’s tons of emotional pulls in here, and… it’s a list. A long list. Then at the end, he throws in the “There’s another way” formula. Of course, that’s his way, and his way’s a FREE book.

Visual: The image here is pretty creative, but it’s low effort. If it’s intentional, it should be tested against something better. For example, we might adjust the color to have it pop more. Another thing we might do is crop the damn image properly, so you can actually see what’s going on clearly.

I do love the dream vs. reality split, especially the reality side. (I find it to be quite an accurate representation of my journey as well.) 

Headline: It’s simple, doesn’t say anything, but it’s amiable and personable, and gives off the feel of a native ad. This sensation is amplified by the emoji. 

Description: I dislike the word “discover” in copy. Here, I would get rid of, “Discover how to” and just start with, “Dominate every presentation, win over your audience, and…” This way, the cutoff makes more sense.

And why is every word capitalized in the Description? This forces your reader to pause after every single word, and it’s unnecessary because the text should flow here. After all, he’s getting specific about what you’re going to be able to achieve after reading his lead magnet. 

Notes: I’m not big on free ebooks anymore. I don’t know if they’re as effective as paid magnets, even if they’re going for a dollar. Better a slightly warm wallet than no financial commitment, right? I find it’s a stronger way of qualifying your prospects. 

Link to ad here:

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