Post Text: The Post Text formula here is, Benefit + How to + CTA (call-to-action). I love the relevant emojis. The first sentence not
Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with the product name. (Stupid, stupid name. Any acronym that isn’t widely known is going to have
Post Text: The Post Text is the best part of the ad. It’s funny, relatable, there’s tons of emotional pulls in here, and… it’s a
Post Text: The Post Text doesn’t waste any time; it gets straight to the point. It first states what the product is, then introduces
Post Text: I like it, although I would’ve worded it slightly differently. For instance, although I like the alliteration at the beginning with the 3
Post Text: The Post Text is the weakest part of this ad. It’s a single phrase, and the potential is there because starting off
Post Text: The Post Text is pretty good. This is an ad running here in Thailand. The first question identifies the target audience with
Post Text: Simple Post Text with two liners: The first points to the results below, and highlights what the product actually is (coconut body oil),
Post Text: This is a Carousel ad. I like the first line of the Post Text. The Snowstorm Sale indicates a seasonal sale. “Final
Post Text: The Post Text is eye-catching and engaging, although the plethora of emojis is overkill. But the first-person approach is excellent: It introduces
Post Text: The Post Text spells out what’s shown in the loop by naming different styles and occasions these are suitable for. Then it
Post Text: This ad is a good example showcasing that not all testimonials are created equal. (It’s likely a MOFU ad.) The reviews are