Date: Oct/23/19

Post Text: I dislike the first line. It’s cringeworthy. It’s also extremely disingenuous. What does this guy think, that people go into the dropshipping business NOT to be lazy?

“It seems” is how the next line starts. Is it, or is it not? “But listen up guys” shows he’s addressing multiple people, which is NOT a 1:1 convo, which is what good copy should read like.

Then he says that this year, people need to work HARDER and SMARTER than the competition. Since when has this not been the case? Since when was there ever a time where you didn’t have to be smarter and work harder than your competition? This is nonsense.

Then he uses “Did you know” copy, which is lazy. Of course people know this. Does the advertiser really think business owners don’t know how to use the filter and sort options in a search? Talk about insulting your target audience.

“Yet everyone keeps trying to sell them”. This is also the perfect example of an ad creator presuming too much from his audience, without doing the proper research. Does the ad creator really know that this is the problem? Or is he defining the audience’s problem for them by trying to force his own solution to it?

So he says, he’s on a neverending journey to stop seeing such products show up in his newsfeed. Maybe filter your own newsfeed better? And what’s up with the altruistic phrasing? Guy’s running a business, but he’s trying to paint himself like some Robin Hood hero. 

The other thing that bothers me is this: If he’s selling the solution to this, he’s selling a shortcut. In other words, he’s assuming his audience is lazy. The solution: Put in a bit of work, and searching for little-known products with potential really doesn’t become that difficult. 

Also: It is NEVER a good idea to insult your target audience.

Visual: The image is confusing because it conflicts with the Post Text. Is this a free guide or a free webinar? I also would’ve picked a better photo. The guy being featured looks like a kid in a chav outfit, raising his hand to answer a question in class.

Headline: The Headline is fine. It’s timely (2019). I’d have used a “How to” Headline here. 

Description: /

Notes: Is dropshipping still profitable? It might be. I’ve worked with Oberlo in the past, as well as one ecomm client at my previous agency, who quickly became one of our worst clients. Selling baby products and not wanting to advertise that the buyer would have to wait 3 to 6 weeks for delivery is a business model designed to fail. Also, babies grow up. They don’t stay babies forever.

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