Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: This is a decent ad. The Post Text is cute. The “X is dead” formula works wonders. Hubspot does this really well. (Check out: 

Visual: The image could be better. Yes, the eye is really blue, but it doesn’t give enough contrast to draw my attention, maybe because of the matrix numbers going up and down. The gray background–I get it. Everything is dull until you take nootropics, but it makes the image dull here too. 

Headline: The Headline is good too, and there are several elements at play here. The first is the “Reason why” formula, which induces curiosity and offers an explainer for why things are the way they are. It also plays the exclusivity angle: You’re missing out, and all the smartest, richest people in tech are doing this to their brain, and you’re not in on it. Loser. 

Description: The Description uses the “How to” formula, with “do everything better with THIS.” Not bad. Obviously the ad creator has a pretty good understanding of copywriting principles and formulas. 

Notes: If you’re selling nootropics, you’ve got to be one helluva marketer. That’s because you’re marrying one skeptical audience in an industry that’s plagued by snake oil sales folks. As someone who’s worked with a couple nootropics brands, I can safely say this one does it better than many.

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