Date: Oct/17/19

Post Text: Not gonna lie. I love Mattel’s advertising. These folks are geniuses when it comes to marketing and posting viral-potential content. Just take a look at this ad.

They could’ve just advertised this as a new toy, and featured kids playing with it like I see so many toy advertisers do. But they take a different approach (and I urge you to go check out their Facebook page for some striking examples of creatives). 

For this specific ad, they chose to mimic a typical fashion ad, and I found it quite amusing. (This isn’t their first, btw.) 

The Post Text kicks off with a CTA by telling you to up your fashion game. 

The next line is also a CTA, this time more specific, by telling you exactly what action to take, with a hashtag, physical purchase location, and a URL-shortened link to the specific product page. 

They could have said, “Stylize your toys” or “Dress your toys up in purple”, but they don’t acknowledge this to be a toy, but a reflection of your personal style choice. 

Visual: The split image is visually appealing. On the left-hand side is a full-body model shot, with the right-hand side zoomed-in on the product. It’s reminiscent of many fashion ads I’ve seen and worked with. Simple but clever.

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