Date: Oct/29/19

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a review. I would’ve included the last name and 5 stars, like so: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

I’m sure a brand like Lumin would have no problem finding a review with a surname. Without it, the review might look fake to people not familiar with the brand. (This is a MOFU retargeting ad.)

“Premium men’s skincare” is crap. What about Lumin makes it premium? There’s no explanation. “1st month is free” is great. I would’ve led with this.

Visual: It’s an 11-second video. I love it. It’s clean, it’s on-brand, and it’s fast-paced, thus attention-grabbing. It’s interlaced with high-quality moving shots of the different products being featured vs. user-generated content, including one low-FPS unboxing.

The last shot in particular is awesome, and highlights the “1 Month Free Trial” offer, with all 3 products. Simple, effective, and awesome. (As much as I love rock & roll, I don’t dig this rock & roll music though.)

Headline: Solid Headline.

Description: The Description is weak. It may be true, but it’s that, “Everyone is our customer!” copy, which is weak sauce. And if true, I would’ve just gone with another Description, like expounding the premium qualities of Lumin by teasing its ingredients and the Why behind their effectiveness. 

Notes: An irresistible offer: a full month’s worth! Talk about lowering the barrier to purchase and standing behind your product. You cover only shipping. Amazing. 

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