Date: Oct/20/19

Post Text: “Best” copy is lazy copy. It also implies there are others. I didn’t know there are other shirt clubs until I read this first line, and it made me want to go check out their competition. The “Hands down” part could’ve also had the emoji come after, not opening with it, which kind of makes no sense.

If they’re exclusive designs, how are they 40% off retail? If they’re exclusive, they shouldn’t be sold elsewhere, no? 

The next line 2 lines are fine, although they could’ve done better than to cram the ease with which you can change things up. 

“Click the button below”–what button? The finger emojis are pointing to a link, not a button. And why is “CLUB” in quotation marks and allcaps? 🤷‍♂️

Visual: The image caught my eye. It’s not a good design though, and for a company that designs shirts, it’s pretty bad. What makes this bad is the text box; it’s too loud. Since the picture and the copy are loud, the text box could’ve been a lot more subtle, which would have communicated balance, clarity, and confidence. Instead, everything’s screaming at you. 

Of course, the girl with the tattoos is nice, as is the “shirt”, but she isn’t even wearing a shirt! She’s wearing a sports bra. 😂

Headline: The Headline is a CTA, and includes the price. This is pretty good.

Description: The Description is cut off. And what’s “world premier” mean here? It appears twice in the copy and it’s just fluff. It means nothing.

Notes: Not a big fan of “Learn more” CTAs in ecomm. Just use “Shop now”. The objective is to convert them, not get them to your store to learn more. There’s nothing to learn. Let them make the purchase. You’re selling shirts with a straightforward subscription plan.

And if it’s not straightforward and they have to learn more, it means you’ve got to simplify. In the words of the great entrepreneur Albert Einstein, “Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

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