Date: Nov/3/19

Post Text: Not one, but two CTA’s! The first one is direct, the second more abstract, trying to hit an emotional angle. Unfortunately, neither of them make such sense. 

First off,  why do I need to keep track of my ride while booking a flight? And who books a flight right before they’re about to call a cab to the airport? Who are these assholes?

 The second CTA tells me to leave my stress behind. If I wanted to do that, I would’ve booked my flight earlier. “Travel light”, the ad says. Having a phone that’s twice as heavy as my daily driver is not my idea of traveling light. This CTA makes no sense. 

Visual: A 17-second video of a kid packing his suitcase while waiting for his cab and booking his flight at the same time. I’ve literally never done this, and I’ve flown at least 100 times.

What’s visually appealing is the animation of the phone toward the end of the clip.  The rest is as dry and pointless as the message. This is one of the worst campaigns I’ve seen from a major brand.

Headline: /

Description: /

Notes: The problem stems from the fact that this is a product no one actually wants, needs, or asked for. Why do we need a dual-screen phone? I can do this with my Note 9 (another phone with too many pointless features, like the pen), and I only need one screen to do it. (It has a split-screen feature.)

Yes, it’s a novel idea, but so was the 3D TV, which has come to pass as a fad. Until they can demonstrate real, tangible benefits to such a product, they will not impress anyone. They could have shown a few mobile games with the dual-screen feature like the Nintendo 3DS, or even for work or posting on social media. 

Therefore, the positioning is missing as well. Who is this phone for, really? Because currently, it feels like LG is simply pushing something they produced by following in Samsung’s footsteps, but they haven’t really figured out why. Just because you can make something doesn’t mean you should. 

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