Date: Oct/6/19

Post Text: This is a great ad. The Post Text immediately informs you where Thinkpads have been, and how they’ve been used. (Outer space and deep sea? 27 years? Awesome!)

This ad is a call for user-generated content (UGC). It’s requesting that the target audience engage and post unique images of  ThinkPads being used “in the wild”. Brilliant. 

Visual:  The Visual here is what caught my attention (as it should). The left-hand side does not move, but you wonder what it is. (Is it a Lego?) I’ll admit, it trumped me at first (despite typing this out on a ThinkPad!). 

The right-hand side is what changes consistently, to “complete” the half-circle on the other side. So you get a squad car, a radar, Earth, etc. Then it zooms out, and the big reveal is the ThinkPad button. 

Headline: / 


Notes:  The curiosity appeal works here because the ad is relying on the classic advertising technique of zooming in on something familiar, until it becomes unfamiliar. 

Moreover, it juxtaposes against elements we’re actually very familiar with. Not only that, there’s some semblance of these elements in our lives. Use of the police siren and the radar set off an alarm bell in our brain.

It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t include the sound effects. This ad uses effects extremely well. You can just imagine: The sound of the siren, the beeping of the radar, the club’s bass, etc. It grabs attention, and it does it well, without annoying, and staying on point. 

Love it.

Link to ad here:

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