Date: Nov/1/19

Post Text: The Post Text here is good. I’m a big fan of ads that try to get the audience involved. They’re eye-catching and memorable AF. However, this one faces one major issue. 

So, the Post Text opens with a challenge to the audience. Can you see the skeleton? I love 3D stereograms. They remind me of my childhood. LEGO is on point with the branding here. The problem?

Visual: I wasted a good 5 minutes with my dog staring at this thing with our heads tilted. 🐶 Naturally, we both ended up frustrated and waving a fist at the screen. 😤

The lesson here: If you challenge your target audience to take a specific action, make sure they can follow through. The trick is to make it just challenging enough, but not more. If they can’t follow through, they end up frustrated—at your brand. If, on the other hand, you get them to complete your challenge successfully, they’ll get that dopamine kick and experience a rewarding sensation.

Either way, direct audience participation with an ad makes the ad stickier. So, you can either help them make that sticky memory a good one, or in this case, a bad one. 

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