Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off immediately with the offer: Learn Photoshop, but the second part, with the discount offer, is a bit perplexing. A nearly 90% discount?! Even for a limited time only, that screams desperation, especially for a course. I want to pay nearly full for a course, or I’ll perceive it as potentially worthless. Why is the creator basically giving this away? What’s the occasion? Why this special deal, and why for a limited time only? How long is this time period, and what’s it for? Then you keep reading, and the offer only gets worse! They’re meant to get specific with their “Learn Photoshop offer”, which I thought was going to be a single course and maybe a couple other goods. Instead, they’re offering actions, overlays, two courses, a guide, and even a bonus editing tutorial–and don’t forget the 90% discount! 

I’ll pass.

Visual: Interesting. I wonder if the media buyer took a risk with this image, because Facebook usually disapproves ads with images that feature before and after photos. But in this case, it looks like the ad ran, probably because it has to do with tech, not health. (Things like before and after photos for weight loss are a big no-no on Facebook.) Because of the high-contrast and saturation in the second photo, the featured image also draws the eye, although admittedly, it doesn’t look that much better to me compared to the first one. (They’re both problematic, but hey, what do I know about photography?)

Headline: There is no Headline. 

Description: No Description either. 

Notes: /

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