Date: Oct/21/19

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a thumbs-up emoji, which isn’t as good as other “Thank you” emojis. It does thank you for checking out his book, which means this is a retargeting ad: We’ve already engaged with the brand in the past somehow, so this immediately catches your eye. 

Retargeting ads don’t usually say “thank you” unless it’s post-purchase, so this is clever. Besides, people love being thanked for a specific action they took.

The next line is weak. No one cares how many copies you’ve sold. A better angle would’ve simply stated, “Over 8,000 copies sold worldwide in x months” or “since publication”. 

Then he “brags” about the countless testimonials he’s received. The video is one of them. He then uses the testimonial to support a selling point of his, which is a good way to transition.

He then sells you the shortcut: It’s as easy as filling in the blanks, and at the fraction of the cost of hiring an actual copywriter. No shit? 💩 An ebook about DIY copywriting is cheaper than hiring an actual copywriter to help you build your message, your product, refine it for your target audience, etc.? No way.

And then he introduces an extremely disingenuous point: You can still get the “early bird” discount. 🐣 Yeah. More than 8,000 copies sold, and you can still qualify for the early discount, if you get it now. Absolute bullshit. Any credibility he’s had before, he loses it here. And if the copy templates in the book are as bad as this, buhbye! 👋 

Visual: The video lasts 3 minutes. Roughly the last 20 to 30 seconds is unnecessary, because the clip freezes, but the ad keeps running. It’s lazy. The video is also unedited. There’s nothing in there to grab your attention. In fact, before I pressed play or read any of the copy, I thought it was the writer. 

I love video testimonials, especially at MOFU (middle of funnel). But this is no good. It might also have been better to get someone without a foreign accent. This way, it would’ve helped build credibility with English native speakers. When this audience watches this testimonial and hears the accent, I assume the ad will miss many potential conversions. 

(And before you say anything, English is my third language, and it took me years of conscientious practice to rid myself of a harsh Italian accent. It only comes out now when I’m arguing with other Italians.)

Headline: The Headline is the strongest part of this ad, but I wouldn’t have used “ya”. It’s weak. “I appreciate you for stopping by!” would’ve been stronger, and I wouldn’t have put, “Watch”. And even if I did, I would’ve used the pointing-up emoji: ☝️ It is a Facebook ad, after all.

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