Date: Oct/25/19

Post Text: Finally! An ad worth swiping. I love this ad. 

Look at that Post Text. It kicks off with a $75 discount for a very relevant Halloween sale. (Relevant emojis included too!) Then it highlights “razor” through italics and bold, as well as “hair free”.

It then lists out all the amazing benefits:

First, it states that you can prevent hair RE-growth. Oh lawd, what I wouldn’t give not to have to shave my head every damn day.

Then I can try it for 90 days?! Not the standard 30, but 3x? Talk about risk removal and showing trust in your product.

Then some social proof with a very high aggregate review score. 

Then not just FREE shipping, but FREE express shipping. 

Then the code, then the product link. Amazing. 

Visual: The video is 27 seconds long. It’s a pretty good video. The main problem is that, because it’s user-generated content (UGC), some of it’s hard to hear. There’s one part where two people are talking at the same time, and there’s music in there too. 

Having said that, it’s some really good UGC. It’s fast-paced, with flashes of good-looking people either showing us their unboxing experience + the packaging, as well as a lot of use cases. (There’s even a guy!) Excellent.

Headline: Mixed feelings about this one. Yes, it’s the biggest sale ever, but this is speaking about the business, NOT about the customer’s potential benefit. Might have been better to rephrase as, “Take advantage of our biggest sale ever” or something along those lines.

It’s always best to rephrase something from the customer’s perspective, not the business. People don’t care about the business. They care about what they want and can get.

Description: The Description reiterates the Free express shipping point, except the “today” doesn’t really make sense. Then it adds some social proof by informing the target audience via CTA how they too can become one of the many 1000s of happy customers who NEVER have to shave again. (Please let it be true!)

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