Date: Nov/23/19

Post Text: Decent Post Text. Opens with how its design is award winning. Then “impactful difference”, which is positioning, but it’s weak because it’s vague. What exactly is so impactful that it results in a difference from competitor products?

“There’s no need to hold back.” This is bad. When was I ever holding back? This is news to me. Also, who holds back when boxing? This just sounds like some cool shit to say, but it’s lame because it makes no sense. Or is the ad saying that there’s no need to hold back because the gloves are so soft? (This doesn’t make sense either.) 

“T3 gloves change the way you train.” How?

Visual: The video is great. It’s composed of several very detailed close-up clips of the product, giving it a tactile quality. Sped up footage, at other times smooth, this grabs attention while remaining on-brand. 

Headline: / 


Notes: I like this ad. It’s simple, and it works. I might have teased the positioning in the Headline and Description.

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