Date: Oct/30/19

Post Text: Decent Post Text. I love the climate messaging. Then it introduces a list. The tree one is pretty impressive, although I don’t know how true it is or how it works. It would’ve been good to tell us how it works in the Description, considering it’s lacking completely. The next 2 points are solid though, and self-explanatory.

Visual: The Video is fast-paced, which is good, but it doesn’t slow down at any point. I tried reading the text frames, but it was too fast. Would’ve been good to vary the text frames so that the message could sink in with the target audience. 

Headline: The Headline makes no sense. It’s not a notebook that’s being advertised. It’s everything climate-friendly. They could’ve gone with the tree-planting per product angle here too, then teased how they can afford to do this via the Description. Right now, there’s a bit of a trust issue, methinks.

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