Date: Oct/28/19

Post Text: A great example to follow; a major brand does it like this, and so can you. It doesn’t take much but a little imagination. 

“Discover” copy is nonsense. We’re not charting new territory here. It’s a cologne. 

The problem with the Post Text here is that it’s full of fluff. People know a fragrance can’t “embody a charismatic and generous spirit”, and the rest of the sentence is just as off-putting.

What would’ve worked better is to describe the scent: Is it light and jovial, reminiscent of youth? Is it strong and earthy or woody? 

Visual: The Video in the first frame is 14 seconds long. The other 3 frames are images. The Video is pretty good. All filmed beautifully and shot at one location, it aims to capture the essence of the cologne. 

Headline: Each caption under each image provides a brief Description. Unfortunately, this feels a bit lazy. Although the Post Text isn’t lazy, just a bit misguided in terms of copy, this is different. “The film” is basically the caption for the first, “the new campaign” being the second, “the new fragrance” for the third, and “the influencer X” for the fourth. 

I would’ve included a fifth with the logo, as is customary with carousel ads. 

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