Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: The Post Text reads: “Discover…” and then interrupts itself mid-sentence with a key emoji. It’s good that the key emoji is relevant, but either put it at the beginning or at the end of the sentence, so you don’t interrupt the flow of your own message. The next sentence is interesting though: “Comment “performance below and…” I’ve never seen this approach taken before with an article. Usually articles are free, so I’d love to see the results of this campaign, but looking at the comments, there are quite a number of people who did comment “performance”. I would’ve removed any mention of athletic performance though, especially from such a skeptical target audience. 

Oh, and nice slip-in of that word “Limitless”.  😉

Visual: The image is pretty good. Good use of white space and color contrast, with the yellowish swirls signaling movement and lighting up in the brain. NOOTROPICS with an arrow pointing to the head, although “OF YOUR BODY” is unnecessary and confusing. Nootropics work on the mind, not the body.

Headline: No Headline. I would’ve tested this against a couple headline variations, maybe, “Feeling mentally sluggish?” versus “Unlock the key to limitless human potential”.

Description: The Description might have given a snippet of the article, or a summary of it to entice the target audience to comment. 

Notes: /

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One Response

  1. The visual looks just like an X-ray scan. I love the contrast too. But what’s the point? Why not show images related to “The 4 Key Benefits” instead? I can’t relate to an X-ray scan. Plus, the big cramped texts make the brand look cheap 🙁

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