Date: Oct/19/19

Post Text: The Post Text is a bit weird. Why is the “heater” collection out in the Fall? It ain’t even that cold yet. Someone should tell the advertiser that the Earth is getting hotter. 🌡️ And considering I’m getting targeted here in Thailand, well… it ain’t exactly snowing over here. 🥵

Visual: The 11-second video is clean, as is the rest of the ad. Very on-brand. However, being on-brand doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good advertising principles. 

For instance, all 3 testimonial quotes in the video are super weak. The first one is by GQ, which is cool, but it only says, “The only shirt worth wearing.” Why? And the second one is equally vague: “Unreal shirt, great quality.” Why is it unreal? How is it great quality? Being vague as shit does nothing for your brand.

The third one is decent: “great fit, subtle styling.” Okay. These are a bit more tangible. The “subtle styling” makes me think the cleanness of the ad is on-point, and this is what they were actually going for. Unfortunately, they could’ve stayed on-brand and still made a great ad. This one is lackluster.

Headline: The Headline is lazy AF. It’s the exact same quote by GQ in the video. What would’ve made this more effective is to put it in quotation marks, and actually put “GQ” at the end. This way, it would’ve been a straight-up testimonial Headline, and if tested against the current Headline, I would’ve put money down on mine. 

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