Date: Oct/11/19

Post Text: The Post Text formula here is, Benefit + How to + CTA (call-to-action). I love the relevant emojis. The first sentence not only indicates a benefit, but it connotes a transformation. (Send us a pic, and our artists turn it into a royal portrait.) 

Visual: The Visual is exactly what you can expect. It also looks fantastic, and is cute AF. Truth be told, I’ve thought about commissioning one for mine, but I want a family portrait, sort of like father & daughter. 

It’s too bad they didn’t include the original dog in the shot. Would’ve made for a real nice comparison. 

Headline: The Headline is just the brand name. It’s lazy. It’s meh. Could’ve done with a benefit, or a secondary benefit, like free shipping (if offered). 

Description: The Description might as well be empty. Instead, it just says, “Art”. I don’t know what purpose this serves. It does nothing for me.

Notes: Great product and brand, and that’s what works here. The ad itself is all right. Nothing special. It’s the Post Text + photo that do all the engagement work. Look at that social engagement though; it’s insane: 2.3k Shares. Look through the comments in the link below, and you’ll notice people posting their UGCs, their own dog portraits they received from the company. Amazing.

Link to ad here 

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