Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: “Happy Fri-yay.” Sounds tacky and forced. Why not just “Happy Friday”? Then the ad presumes to know what that means for me–which is fine, if it actually does. But is Friday really the time to gather those essential oils, bath bomb, and unwind? Isn’t that Sunday? Isn’t Friday a night out after work? 

The ad then shifts gears and tries another angle. It first asks what your favorite way of relaxing in the bath is. A strange, vacuous question because there really aren’t that many options.

The ad then asks a series of questions related to the target’s sense of identity. 

“Let us know in the comments.”

All of these angles try forcefully to prod the target into engaging with the ad. 

Visual: The image isn’t eye-catching. It’s a plain photo of a bath. It’s bland, and maybe even a little cold. It doesn’t match the enthusiasm of the copy, nor does it communicate relaxation. A better shot would have shown a shot of a woman in the bath doing something relatable.

And considering this ad is on Instagram, there’s no excuse to display such a poor image, especially for an established brand.  

Headline: NA

Description: NA

Notes: Poor ad. If the objective of the ad is to get people to comment, with just 1 comment, we know this is a failed campaign.

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