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Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with a review. I would’ve included the last name and 5 stars, like so: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I’m sure a

Hey Silky Skin

Post Text: Finally! An ad worth swiping. I love this ad.  Look at that Post Text. It kicks off with a $75 discount for a very

PMD Beauty

Post Text: I wanted to do a positive ad today, but I couldn’t help myself after seeing this. The Post Text doesn’t do anything for

Bali Body

Post Text: I love the first line. It also addresses a major issue tanning brands face: Seasonality. People don’t buy tanning products when it’s not

Boracay Skin GIF ad

Boracay Skin

Post Text: Simple Post Text with two liners: The first points to the results below, and highlights what the product actually is (coconut body oil), with