Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: This is a solid ad, and it’s a great example of using long-form copy in your ad, and taking maximum advantage of Facebook’s offered format here. I strongly encourage you to click on the link and read through the copy. 

That said, the copy is solid, as is the ad itself. Maybe it’s just me, but she doesn’t strike me as honest in her offer. The copy is worth studying though! Look particularly at how she breaks down the problems into a list and uses emojis, how the copy uses actual numbers, and where she keeps coming back to the pain points and explainers. 

Headline: The headline here uses the “How I did it” formula. 

Visual: The video is 2min47s long, but it includes subtitles and builds upon the implied promise in the headline. However, it also includes numerous buzzwords and terms that make me cringe, and that make her come across as less than honest about her offer. She may very well be honest, but the message she communicates might not be perceived as such. These terms include “crack the system” and “pull back the curtain” signal to me that she’s trying to sell me something. I know it’s an ad, but still. Then you have her mention “work 4 to 5 hours a week”, but we know for a fact that she works much more than this. It takes hard work to make it as an entrepreneur, and working 4 to 5 hours a week is a dream many so-called gurus will sell you. I, for one, refuse to buy it. (Discipline, baby!) 

Description: And then, the coup de grace: That description says it all, doesn’t it? And in all-caps! “FREE ONLINE TRAINING”. All this effort, the long video, the long-form copy, all pointing to this description to entice you to try it and get you dipping your toes into the funnel. Pretty solid work.  

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