Date: Nov/7/19

Post Text: Solid Post Text. Introduces the product + what it’s for, then tells you the feature before translating it seamlessly into the main benefit. For the technical individual who’s also a photographer and is into stars, this will be music to their ears.

The only change I might have made: Split the single sentence into 2 or 3 sentences.

Visual: Horrible image. Not only is it just a straight-up product photo, it’s cropped poorly, so you can’t even see the whole thing. Not only that, why is it pointed toward the target audience?

Why not show me some stars, or what the camera can actually do? How about a video where the first 3 seconds shows a starry sky in motion, and show a comparison between a popular Canon EOS model, and then show what this one can do?

Hell, it’s a “full-frame” camera, but the image isn’t even fully framed. 

Headline: The Headline is lazy. It’s even got a grammatical error. And if this is a press release, I certainly don’t want to be informed that it is, especially in the Headline. 

A better Headline might have said something like, “Capture your favourite starry skies with the EOS Ra” (British spelling), or even “Never miss a moment” or some such variation. 


Notes: I’m also left wondering, what else can this camera do better, or different? Might have been good to expand upon this in the Description.

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