Date: Jul/14/19

Post Text: This is a good ad. The Post Text kicks off with the classic “fashion meets function”. It could’ve been a cliche’ if left there, but the ad creator ties it in with the “NEW” product, featuring a leash that makes walking easy. (Doesn’t say how though.) 

Visual: The photo features two dogs sitting tall and proud while displaying the product. This signals that the product does not hinder the dogs from acting like themselves. The color and shape contrast also grab my attention, and the alignment of the walls vis-a-vis the dogs is pleasing to the eye. (I also love that the product features a paw that is similar in appearance to the emoji used in the Post Text.)

Headline: The Headline reiterates the “NEW” product being sold, a “no-pull” harness for dogs. 

Description: The Description specifies a style benefit and availability. 

Notes: It’s a shame that the copy doesn’t dive deeper into what makes this harness so special. How will it make my walks easier? How will this harness protect my dog better, or give her some extra comfort? 

Instead of repeating the product callout in the Headline, I might’ve mentioned the styles there, and then maybe mentioned something about how this NEW harness works, and why it’s better than your old one. I might’ve also tested a different appeal by angling it from the pain point of a struggling dog walker.

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