Date: Oct/5/19

Post Text: I like it, although I would’ve worded it slightly differently. For instance, although I like the alliteration at the beginning with the 3 D’s, I like to avoid adverbs ending in “-ly” (and I like to avoid them altogether when I can). So, “Denim done different.” It’s got a better ring to it, no?

“Discover” is an action verb that should be used with greater care in copywriting. Not everything is a discovery, and this term has been overused. You discover new things, not jackets. 

I would’ve also made these changes: “created with lower-impact techniques, minimizing water usage and energy waste compared to traditional denim.”

I know they appear to be minor changes, but the original had me wondering what exactly these lower-impact techniques were about, even though they were right there in the copy. These minor changes are meant to clarify the message.

Visual: The Visual is split in two, with the left-hand side showing a model shot, and the right-hand side showing a product shot. Both are shown in b&w, meant to reflect the classic Calvin Klein brand look. 

However, now we have “notes” in marker pen, which gives it a more personal feel. The marker’s blue color makes the ad pop, which is what caught my attention when I was scrolling through my feed. 

I had to look up what “Archive Monogram” meant though, and unfortunately, it seems to not be an actual term, or at least, not one that is commonplace. (Google didn’t reveal any relevant search results.) 

Headline: / 


Notes:  Good example of how to get creative with your ad campaigns, without sacrificing the original brand feel. You build further upon it, test, and develop further. And also goes to show that major brands are understanding social media and taking risks here. 

Remember: Facebook ads aren’t an extension of your brand, simply a reflection of it. Stay true to your original brand message, and go have fun with your creatives.

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