Date: Oct/2/19
Boracay Skin GIF ad

Post Text: Simple Post Text with two liners: The first points to the results below, and highlights what the product actually is (coconut body oil), with a couple relevant emojis. 

The second line indicates that the brand ships globally. 

I would’ve left the url for the last line if I felt compelled to include it at all. In this instance, I would’ve excluded it because it’s a .com., and it’s the brand name. In other words, think “Boracay Skin website”, and “” would be most obvious, so the link here is unnecessary.

Visual: Roughly 6 to 7 seconds of a boomerang GIF (a GIF on short repeat, where the repeated short motion is meant to draw attention).

It’s a clever use case, but more than that, because Facebook has strict regulations surrounding 1) Body image, 2) Making your target audience feel physically conscious, and 3) Before/after images, if you work with tanning brands, you’ve got to get creative, or you’ll risk having your ads disapproved.

That’s why this is such a clever GIF: It works like a before/after image, showing you the difference with the tan line. 

Headline: /

Description: /

Notes: In the GIF, what isn’t as plainly obvious is the bottle (the product) on the towel. The towel is white, providing a clear contrast, so that the bottle sticks out. Unfortunately, the model’s skin tone is similar to the bottle’s, and this results in some blending. Regardless of this “mistake”, this is not UGC (user-generated content).

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