Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: This is a pretty good ad. However, the Post Text keeps harping on about deserving the best this February. Don’t I always deserve the best? And what’s all this about a beard not being just a beard? Then what is it? And how is it an extension of the face it’s chosen? My beard hasn’t chosen my face. It’s my genes. This part of the copy makes no sense, and would’ve been better without.

Visual: The video is solid. It’s roughly 1 minute long. The music is jarring and off-putting though. I would’ve gone with something a bit more neutral than a metal-heavy sound. I also would’ve removed the Christian earring, just to not risk alienating any of my non-Christian targets. What I did like was that it was framed as an instructional video, but with the use of the brand’s product. Then it cuts to a testimonial of a bearded man reviewing the product and showing off instructions he received, which were different from how he had been using similar products, but now he knows better. 😉 

Headline: The copy needs work. The headline is questionable. Yes, it includes the current month, which tells the target it’s a “new” ad, but at the same time, my beard always needs love, not just in February.

Description: NA

Notes: I would’ve started with the Not Uncle Ben quote, then made the discount offer valid for the month of February only, and then introduced the code. That’s it. If you want to make it wittier, cool. But this ad runner, by attempting to be creative without understanding what they were actually doing, made a mess of it. Stick to the principles.

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