Date: Oct/14/19

Post Text: I love the first line. It also addresses a major issue tanning brands face: Seasonality. People don’t buy tanning products when it’s not beach season, so this first sentence addresses this issue, and it presents a benefit to the target audience as well: Keep your tan from fading.

(I would’ve loved to see a tanned model shot in the snow. Would’ve definitely grabbed my attention.)

I don’t like “Reach for”. I don’t get it. Why not “get your hands on” or something similar? I also would’ve said, “Guaranteed to keep you bronzed and glowing, even in the arctic” or something along those lines. “No matter the season” doesn’t paint a picture for me.

The “vegan…” line I would’ve started a new paragraph with, considering these are secondary benefits, the primary being keeping your tan, irrespective of the season. 

Visual: Seven images in this carousel ad. As is standard, the last one features the logo. The third image is a product shot. The rest appear to be UGC (user-generated content). They’re all shots of good-looking women with tanned skin.

Headline: Carousel ads have captions under each slide, instead of a Headline. What I like about this ad is that each caption is unique. Unfortunately, it’s not relevant and specific to each frame. (Example: Free shipping and the UGC shot above have nothing to do with each other.)

Description: /

Notes: I would’ve probably used other, more attention-grabbing shots. These don’t do it for me, even if it’s UGC. Especially the first shot, it’s not like it’s screaming for attention. In fact, it looks quite bland.

Another thing I don’t see enough brands doing with carousels is tell a story. Let’s look at it this way: These are slides you can use, sort of like a storyboard, to tell a story.

For this brand, we could’ve had one user telling her story from worrying about her summer tan fading to remaining tanned, even in snowy weather (in the last shot). Such a story progression can be memorable, instead of just showcasing different UGC in somewhat random order in the slides. (Wasted potential!)

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