Date: Oct/27/19

Post Text: I like this ad. However, the lack of emojis is hurting my soul. It might be on-brand though. Certain clients do tend to insist that emojis aren’t part of their branding, despite running ads on social media. Yes, it makes for some awkward conversations, but if they insist, it’s best not to push back too much. Be reasonable and open-minded. It’s their brand, after all.

I like the message here, but I would’ve put “1000’s” in numbers, because it catches the eye differently from plain text, and it helps the message stand out. The ad also lumps mindfulness (meditation), yoga, and meditation together. I don’t know if this is a good approach. Ideally, I would’ve segmented these out, budget permitting.

Visual: What I absolutely love about this ad is the carousel. Each one contains a video specific to this last lumped-together message. So, the first one is yoga, the second, fitness, the third, mindfulness, the fourth, technique. The fifth follows the classic pattern of simply putting the brand name and logo.

What makes this really well done, however, is that each frame contains its own specific Headline and Description. Albeit simple, it works, and with the sound on, shows that the fitness one is a voiceover, whereas the others play different music. Truly differentiated by frame indeed.

Headline: /

Description: /

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