Date: Jul/13/19

Post Text: This is a decent ad. “New year, new mirror giveaway”? One detestable element in all things creative is cliches. They usually put off the target, or the target simply glosses over them, which means the copywriter has wasted valuable real estate for writing actually engaging copy. But usually, the New Year cliche is “New Year, New You” or some other such fluff variation. 

This ad contains a few red flags that prompted me to raise a brow: Phrases like, “not the one pictured, but similar” send alarm bells ringing. I want to see what I’m going to get, not something that’s similar. That’s not good enough. Moreover, the way it ends is meant to entice the curiosity factor, methinks, but it isn’t doing it in a very good way. It’s trying to get you to read additional rules. No thanks. Bye!

Visual: Here, because it’s a giveaway, it works. It’s also helped because the selected image includes this introductory phrase. The problem here lies with the image itself: The introductory phrase in the image is done in a lit style, thus sort of blending in with the rest of the image, which results in a somewhat monochromatic creative. This means it’s unlikely to grab the target’s attention when scrolling, because high-contrast visuals work best to stop the scroll.

Headline: No Headline. Bad move. This might be where the ad creator could’ve highlighted the giveaway.

Description: The Description could’ve induced some curiosity by maybe mentioning what the giveaway’s about, or how many are available (conditions), or something about the prize. 

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