Date: Oct/26/19

Post Text: The Post Text kicks off with, “STOP” and a hand emoji. I don’t know how attention grabbing this is, but I would remove it and just start with the question. 

I have no idea what “terrible traffic” is. Does he mean traffic that doesn’t convert? This is vague, and it could mean 2 things off the top of my head:

  1. You shouldn’t optimize for traffic when running ads (which isn’t true; this is worth testing, according to Facebook expert Depesh Mandalia)
  2. Your targeting is off, meaning you’re sending the incorrect target audience to your site. Example: You’re selling dog shoes, but only cats are coming to your site. 

The next sentence states what he’s achieved: The perfect formula to place your ads in front of the right people (meaning this is more than likely an ebook about #2, aka incorrect targeting). He says he’s making 10k a day, and he’s selling an ebook for $30. Sounds like a scam’s a brewin’, because this makes little to no sense.

Then he goes on to say that for TODAY ONLY, even though his blueprint (a single doc) is retailing at $199.99 (this is an insult to his target audience’s intelligence), he’s giving it all up for $29.99. What a clown. 🤡

Not to mention, I’ve seen this exact same ad running for ages. So you know it’s not TODAY ONLY. And people can easily check via Ad Library how long this ad has been running for. What a joke.

Visual: I’ve never been impressed with people who post screenshots of results. They can easily be manipulated, or not show the full picture. I like that the ad creator uses the top and bottom as banners though, with the top highlighting Results + Time, and below, the name of the company.

Headline: The Headline is a joke. TRANSFORM them into what, exactly? There’s no space between the emoji and the text neither. This is just lazy. 

Description: So the ad creator is identifying the target audience here through a question, which is good. If you haven’t gotten ANY results from Shopify, you’re his target. (Sounds like he’s aiming for vulnerable beginners. We can argue the ethics of it, but it is pretty clever.)

Unfortunately, the Description is cut off, which means this ad creator is just lazy. Which is funny, considering this is an ad about doing Facebook ads properly. 

Notes: CTA is off. Why not SHOP NOW, since that’s what the ad is asking its target audience to do?

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