Date: Oct/3/19

Post Text: The Post Text is pretty good. This is an ad running here in Thailand. The first question identifies the target audience with an interest. The second qualifies the target in terms of English proficiency. The third indicates the inclusion of expats. (Many jobs in Thailand are for Thais only.)

I would’ve broken up the text here, and started a new paragraph with, “Join 5CA for a chance to work from home.” I don’t like the next sentence because it’s vague AF. What popular sports game is the ad referring to? Why not name it? Is it a trademark issue? Perhaps. But if so, why not give the target audience a hint? After all, if they’re savvy gamers, they should be able to pick it up easily, no?

Visual: This is a strong image ad. The image displays the brand colors subtly, and is also appealing in terms of color. The smoke gives an illusion of movement, and the model’s eyes looking at the camera are expressive, as is the face. 

The text at the bottom is decent, although I’m not a fan of allcaps. I’m also not a fan of the blue text here because it’s a bit hard to read, especially considering the blue haze weakens the text. (An overlay would’ve done wonders to bring out the text, but admittedly, it would’ve distracted from the image.) 

Headline: The Headline functions as a soft CTA here, directing the target to click on the job description. It’s a bit too direct for my tastes and feels a tad lazy, considering there’s already the “Contact Us” CTA. I might’ve approached this differently and maybe put, “Why you’ll want to work @ 5CA…”

Description: /

Notes: For the Description at the bottom, I would’ve added a teaser to showcase an awesome benefit or two to entice me to click through. Overall, I do love the humorous approach to this ad; it’s meme-like, and its human quality does wonders in endearing the target audience to the brand.

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